Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scenes From the Beer Road

Having safely arrived at our new world headquarters, Greenville, SC, time to take a minute or two to pass along some of the pics taken at several breweries I discovered along the way. We were never too far away, 'cept crossing thru New Mexico's desert perhaps. Two big surprises, which I will reveal today:

First surprise was in Fredericksburg, TX, on the way to Austin. Fredericksburg has a big German influence and the beers reflected that: very little hop activity and lots of weizens. Very tasty and refreshing.

Beautiful view behind the bar.
Second big surprise was in Montgomery, AL, where we found Railyard Brewing. Alabama has some strange laws affecting where breweries can operate, this one managed to exist because it's in an historic building, part of a train depot. Beers again were low on hops, in fact there wasn't even an IPA at all.

Samplers were, clockwise from left, Pale Ale (6.0 % abv), Oatmeal Stout (4.5% abv), Devils Marmalade, a strong Scotch Ale (9.7% abv), and a Weizenbock (6.9% abv).

Server Rashad Farrow did the honors.

More to come...

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