Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Beer Demands Good Follow-Through

 (Note: I'm traveling across country by car with wife and doggies so getting time to update this blog as we go along is problematic. I will be as diligent as I can under these conditions to keep this vital flow of craft beer advocacy and tasting results streaming across computer screens everywhere.)

Visiting Tucson, AZ, so my buddy Jim Broadwell took us to one of the breweries here, Barrio Brewing. I had their IPA, of course, Kay had a Copper Ale, and JB had the Blonde. Perfectly good tasting beers, but I was very disappointed in the pours. Came filled to the rim, no head at all. Now that I am studying for my Cicerone certification I notice these things, sometimes to my dismay. Didn't call it to the attention of our server cause she had already pleaded ignorance about the lager/ale difference and the place was packed. Just thought I would pass this episode along to reinforce the notion that good beer deserves the proper attention.

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