Saturday, March 23, 2013

IPAs Now Have Their Own Glass

Photo: Sierra Nevada website
Among the many things I learned during my visit today to Sierra Nevada's world headquarters (Chico, actually) was the explanation for this beer glass with a rather unusual shape. I first was served an IPA in it at the Tap Room at Whole Foods where it came filled with Rhizing Bines, a collaboration between SN and Dogfish Head. Well, as it turns out, the shape of the glass is also a collaboration between those two and Spiegelau glass works. It's official name is, wait for it, the IPA glass. Ok, sort of weak in the creativity department, but, hey, it's easy to remember (when was the last time you asked to be served a beer in a tulip stem glass?).

I found this video on the Sierra Nevada website and it explains this new glass shape in all its glory.
BTW, I will have the story about my visit and my interview with Brewmaster Steve Dresler, including my opportunity to taste some Hoptimum while still in the chilling tank, up here very soon.

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