Wednesday, October 13, 2021

New Realm Brewing Comes To Greenville


The word has spread quickly about Atlanta-based brewery, New Realm's plans to convert the old Cigar Store in the West End here in Greenville into their newest (and #5) location. Lots of excitement, especially for me, because of two words: Mitch Steele.
If you're a long time fan of CA's Stone Brewing, then you've enjoyed to results of his brewing skills. Co-founder and brewmaster he literally wrote the book on IPAs. Being a very enthusiastic fan of them, I found his book informative, useful for determining why exactly I did like the style so much, rather technical at its base but where else you gonna learn about the Burtonizing of water or find the original recipe for Ruination, the world's first regularly bottled Double IPA? Well worth reading for brewers or non-brewers.
After leaving Stone in 2017, he and two partners formed New Realm in Atlanta. I became a fan of Hoplandia IPA immediately, described by Mitch thusly: "It’s got a deep golden color, a lot of hops, some lemon and peach, pine resin. And a little bit of dankness – you’ll know it when you smell it." Works for me!
Looks like we'll have to wait till late next year to welcome them to town and enjoy their brews locally, but of course, there will delights from our existing brewing community to keep us quaffing till then.
A link and a few photos just below:

Mitch Steel at a Community Tap VIBE event in 2019.


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