Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Greenville's Newest Brewery, Tetrad Opens Saturday

Had a delightful meetup with John Bucher of Tetrad Brewing Co. today, a calm afternoon before the tumult and shouting of their grand opening this Saturday (details below). My first visit and I was quite impressed with the venue... from the sparkling stainless lining one wall to the pristine tap line to all the repurposed wood, it's a very pleasant environment in which to hang out and have a beer or three... actually, come Saturday you can have four of their beers. Good possibility that you've had a taste already as they have done several collabs with our local breweries while awaiting completion of theirs.

A brief (hopefully) set back is the lack of final signage which hasn't come through in time. John says that there will be temporary banners easily visible from Stone and of course, the Half Moon shop upstairs is a huge landmark.

If you are planning on attending (and you know you should), there are three parking areas you'll have access to alongside the building and one down by the neighboring bar.


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