Thursday, June 14, 2018

FireForge Prepping For Official Opening

Checked in yesterday with Brian and Nicole at Fireforge Crafted Beer to see first hand all the progress that has been made. Harvin Bedenbaugh Tap Room Manager, graciously gave me a quick behind the scenes tour. Typical brewery activities happening: brewing, cleaning, checking gravity, more cleaning and even some electrical work. 
A brewery in every way except they can't sell their beers yet. Something about property permits. Once that hurdle is overcome, I know people are going to like the space and I know from experience they will really enjoy the beer. They've already had neighbors stopping by, eager to have a pint (or two). They've also been complemented on the aroma that's been added to the area. Nothing like a hop-infused boil fragrance to arouse the senses.
Some snaps of people who actually have jobs:

Here's hoping they can be open by July 4th. Cheers!

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