Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Craft Beer in 2017 - Some Predictions

As many of you know, Upstate Craft Beer had a one year anniversary party last night. Extremely well attended (and I have the photos to prove it) and during the revelry while the band played on, I shot some video interviews, getting folks' predictions for the craft beer scene in 2017. One of those is from my friend, fellow Cicerone Server and well know beer slinger, Harvin Bedenbaugh.


And then, there was this guy named Jack (actually Jack Ryan MacDonald's father), who offered this:


Next, someone who works at a brewery and has very specific wishes for 2017:

Shelby Durham likes the community, even if it stretches to the next state!

And now, for a musicians take on the brewing scene, and playing for them. George Colyer is one half of My Girl, My Whiskey, and Me. Good pickin, singin and tempos.

Quest Brewing is one of the older breweries in Greenville, opened just after I moved here. Don Richardson, co-owner and brewmaster, has been responsible for some fine beer drinking moments. What happens in 2017? Here's what he had to say:

Just when you thought it was safe, another interview comes along.
So, how do you look at the new year if you've have many hurdles in your path to opening your very own brewery, even tho you've been home brewing for years? Here's someone who remains not only optimistic, but downright fired up! Fireforge Crafted Beer

At Upstate Craft Beer Co.'s First Anniversary party, the occasion for these videos, Jack Ryan McDonald offered his thoughts for 2017; partner/brewer Chris Hardin was busy busing tables! (I mentioned it was very well attended). We'll get him later.

As anyone who has ever had to show an ID to get a wrist band knows, there is a legal component to craft beer and one of the most knowledgeable alcoholic beverage law attorneys in SC is Brook Bristow. Thus, a few comments about 2017 from that perspective:

Ok, I hear you say, "what about beer distributors?"  After all, they can spell the success or failure for a craft brewer, especially one just starting expand. And speaking of starting to expand, have you been following the cider trends? Cynthia thinks it's gonna get bigger:

Will Cooley, from nearby RJ Rockers Brewing in Spartanburg, stopped by to offer his perspective on the upcoming year:

Stay tuned, more to come!


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