Thursday, October 27, 2016

Highland Brewing President, Leah Wong Ashburn Brings New Tastes to Town

Plans for the day:
Recover from last night's Hopoholic frenzy.
Begin research for upcoming visit to Raleigh, NC
Show up at 5:30 at The Community Tap for the Highland Brewing Company tasting. Remind Leah Wong Ashburn, President of HBC, that my first ever taste of Cold Mountain happened while interviewing her, back in 2014. This year's Cold Mountain has not been released yet (releases Nov 10) but I have a surprise for Leah. Highland has released several new beers so far this year and I anticipate most of them will be at the Tap for this tasting. Some photos from that interview, including my first glass of Cold Mountain. Ahhh, fond memories!


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