Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brewery85 Now Open For Business

February 1, 2104 will be an important date in the history of the Greenville (and SC) Craft Brewing industry and especially for Brewery85. With their brewery coming on line as of yesterday, we now have 5 producers of liquid deliciousness in our immediate area (counting RJRockers in Spartanburg as a neighbor). What an exciting time for a craft beer enthusiast like me to live here. And what an exciting time was had by all yesterday at the Grand Opening festivities. Don't know the exact number of folks who showed up but from the crowd I saw, Will and the gang have a lot of new fans.

Please feel free to peruse some photos I took of the participants:

Waiting for the opening hour.

Checking IDs and wrist bands are legal requirements which were observed scrupulously.

First guy in the door was Adam Mangel, Brewsmaster for Clemson Brew Crew!

Let the pouring begin!

Ashley Little and Dave Ehrman are fans of Southern Style Pale.

A second pouring station was set up outside and a line formed immediately.

Each participant was allowed 3 pints (48 oz) as required by SC law.

Note the SC state law requirements.

And beer lovers being a fun-loving crowd as well; games and hilarity ensued:

Auditions for designated drivers? I didn't ask.

TV crew made the event official... right?

She was buying, so why not wear it!

Kilt wearers love beer too, as Josua Dover demonstrated.

Laura and Erin Holland obviously have learned that comfort and beer tasting fit well together.

Food trucks and beer events go hand in hand these days.

Speaking of food trucks (well, we were, weren't we?), three of the area's finest were on hand to add to the culinary enrichment:
Thorough Fare, Neue Southern and The Chuck Truck

Whenever I looked, they all seemed to be quite busy so obviously their food and efforts were appreciated.

Even Skjervold, left, and Adam Mangel are major players in our beer community. Look them up.

The guys from Quest Brewing demonstrating solid support for this new endeavor. Good on ya!!

Found this couple appreciating just how much stainless it takes to make a brewery
Nicole and Keith Mitchell stopped pointing and posed. Keith kept saying something about Quittin' Time.

The view from the rear pad is worth mentioning... eventually a Munich style beer garden is planned for this area.

Scot and Debbi Butterbaugh enjoyed the view, the warmer and their Southern Style Pales;  Win-win-win.

From the menu board, you can see that the Southern Style Pale, Quittin Time Helles Bock and the Yeoman Brown Ale were the offerings for the day. Liked them all but chose the Yeoman to accompany my Thorough Fare Slaw Dog.... well paired, enjoyed the snack, was sad that it was over (I was working, you know).

Gotta run.... will be back with more pics and details after we see Porgy and Bess this afternoon.

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