Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lesson in Growling, uh, Growlers

Passed by this business yesterday, The Growler Station on Augusta Road, here in Greenville and, having never visited it before, stopped in to see what new in the growler filling station world.

Glad I did, cause I learned a lot: a new method of filling and a new type of screwtop that will keep the beer fresher, longer.

In addition, they have an enormous selection of draft beers, as well as a significant bottle library. From their list, I chose these three faves of mine to use as examples:

(All pics from their respective web sites)

Quite a line up! Big special event this Thursday, Red Brick does a tasting event with several of their brews on tap, so to speak. Catch me there!!

"Big John" demonstrating the filling technique.

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