Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Disc Golf Courses and Beer Flights


Lots of interest these days in playing disc golf while sipping a good craft beer at a local brewery. So much interest that lists are now made judging some of the best in the country. And one of the South Carolina's Upstate breweries with such a course made the list from a national organization, Udisc. 

Our local brewery is Golden Grove, about 20 miles south of Greenville, off I-85. Kudos to them! I haven't joined the disc bandwagon but I do like their beers! Cheers!

Details here:

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Ponderosa Farm Brewing Releases First Beer.

 An especially delightful day to welcome the first ever release of Ponderosa Farm Brewing's Pale Ale: a very satisfying and solid Pale. Described by brewer, Adam Cribbs as "a 4.7% crusher, alight and balanced Pale Ale with Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, and Zeus hops. Aroma is floral with hints of lime. Sips with notes of orange zest, tropical citrus flavors, and dry orange peel."

Add to that description the fact that it is delicious; you'd never know this is a first run beer.
Of course Adam works with Cameron Owen to brew those famous pastry stouts at Eighth State so he is no newcomer to brewing. I would look at this release as a sign of good things to come in the future! Cheers, Adam.

 Photo: Headforbeer

Friday, January 28, 2022

Brewery 85 Celebrates 8th Anniversary

Tomorrow, Saturday, Brewery 85's Eighth Anniversary will take place.  Will promises a fun time and he's never failed before. It occurred to me that I've been nearly all of them so I went back into the photo time machine and found opening day photos, which I present for your amusement and edification below. See ya there!



Friday, December 10, 2021

National Lager Day

So, today is the day to recognize one of the world's most popular styles. And to appreciate the many new variations. Dark lagers, smokey lagers, dry-hopped lagers. The list goes on.

And speaking of lists, here's one from Untappd which indicates preferences from its members:

(full disclosure: I'm a member)

Here's my next one:


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

New Realm Brewing Comes To Greenville


The word has spread quickly about Atlanta-based brewery, New Realm's plans to convert the old Cigar Store in the West End here in Greenville into their newest (and #5) location. Lots of excitement, especially for me, because of two words: Mitch Steele.
If you're a long time fan of CA's Stone Brewing, then you've enjoyed to results of his brewing skills. Co-founder and brewmaster he literally wrote the book on IPAs. Being a very enthusiastic fan of them, I found his book informative, useful for determining why exactly I did like the style so much, rather technical at its base but where else you gonna learn about the Burtonizing of water or find the original recipe for Ruination, the world's first regularly bottled Double IPA? Well worth reading for brewers or non-brewers.
After leaving Stone in 2017, he and two partners formed New Realm in Atlanta. I became a fan of Hoplandia IPA immediately, described by Mitch thusly: "It’s got a deep golden color, a lot of hops, some lemon and peach, pine resin. And a little bit of dankness – you’ll know it when you smell it." Works for me!
Looks like we'll have to wait till late next year to welcome them to town and enjoy their brews locally, but of course, there will delights from our existing brewing community to keep us quaffing till then.
A link and a few photos just below:

Mitch Steel at a Community Tap VIBE event in 2019.


Monday, October 4, 2021

Two Saturdays: Two New Breweries!


Two Saturdays, two new breweries open in the Upstate!!
Saturday, 9/25, Magnetic South in Anderson opens the doors. After several delays Adam Willier (Cuz) finally gets his own brewery to showcase his brewing skills, developed after years of brewing experience, while at Thomas Creek and after many collaborations with other breweries. Magnetic South's building is spacious, filled with amusement opportunities (adult and child), has a kitchen with a menu created by a James Beard award candidate (try the Muffaletta sandwich) and, of course, excellent beers. See some action pix below.


Saturday, 10/2, Silos, in something of a surprise, welcomed craft beer lovers into their amazing location in Easley. With the beer recipes by Kenny Driggers (of Double Stamp, Southernside, Five Forks fame) I knew that excellent brews awaited. What I didn't know was just how impressive the actual structure is. The scale of the interior is difficult to convey in words, you really need to be there and after grabbing your brew choice, look up. And up. I actually used the word "awesome" cause it really is in this case. I tried three of the IPA's on tap, each one spot on. I recommend the Continental, described as a juicy IPA which it was but also struck me as a fine example of a West Coast style. My companion in quaffing, Bob Muller also tried the porter which he really liked and described as having lots of dark chocolate flavor as it warmed. Yum.
Silos is part of a development that will soon include several food outlets including an Indian street food restaurant, located in one of the railroad boxcars on site and pizza coming soon. You can already get a doughnut and soon an ice cream too! Got my favorite food groups covered.
Don't take my word for it, go visit these establishments yourself. Anderson and Easley, two names that will attract more and more attention. Pics below although I can attest that capturing the essence of the silos at Silos can be a photographic challenge. Cheers!

 If the opportunity permits, I highly recommend you visit these two new craft beer venues and decide for yourself.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Free Beer Barresl? Yes!

Before rushing off to WI, you should know that Octopi is home to Untitled Art brewing so possibly some of these barrels have been part of their aging program. Waunakee is very near Madison.

THEY’RE BACK! Now until they’re gone: spend $100 online or in person on any combination of beer, food and merchandise and receive one FREE. All you have to do is make a note of it on your online order or tell us in person that you’re interested in one of these beautiful barrels
**Please note, these barrels are heavy and may contain remnants of beer, please bring a friend to help you load it into your vehicle if you need assistance:

Cheers and good luck!